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Markus Kaminsky



After working in top positions for internationally renown management consulting companies all over the globe, Markus Kaminsky decided to combine his profound knowledge and professional skills in the sphere of management consulting with his passion for music and high class performance. When the era of professional music marketing was long declared dead he founded the company in 2013 driven by a strong belief in the great potential of marketing strategies in the fields of artist management not yet discovered. He focussed his ambitions towards fresh, creative and innovative solutions for common problems of contemporary artists in our rapidly changing marketing segments. Designing customised strategic business plans for customers where individual support is necessary makes up for his major domain.

“There is no such thing as “no way!”, [...] it only hasn’t been discovered yet.”

Markus Kaminsky (Kaminsky, Markus (1998): Strategic Planning for Dummys. In: Herzog, Walther/Rainartz, Pascal (eds.). Frankfurt a.M.: Fischer.)

“Ambition, Creativity and Success…that’s what I’ll have for breakfast.”

Markus Kaminsky (3rd International Strategic Conference 2011, Brussels/BE)